Bought the phone at Best Buy in Md. They pulled up the map, showed me the coverage area...all of Delaware. Jitterbug also sent a map with the welcome package.

I have two homes and needed a phone that worked in both areas. Got to Milton De., set the phone up and no coverage. Jitterbug pinged it on several different occasions (4 hours each to do that)...service poor to dead. They finally admitted to just a poor service area and told me to return the phone to Best Buy, give them the account # and there wouldn't be an issue...Really???

I'm out $28 for set up and $17 for a month plus Best Buy gave me a bad time about returning it. Jitterbug tells the salesman while hubby and I are standing there it's not their issue. Jitterbug should change its name to IL (acronym for incompetent liars). Just an all around mess. Nice enough phone if it would have worked, but just not worth the money or effort.

All of this could have been avoided if they would have just told me the truth in the first place. Talk about desperate to keep an account!...and Best Buy...shame on you...all the money I've spent with you over the years.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Location: Milton, Delaware

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