As I'm now pursuing Great Call and Best Buy on another method, they are still a company that have lied, committed Perjury, filed false SEC filing, covered up Crimes on this Defective Device.

The battle is now beginning to grow, I have now gotten from current and 5 former employees evidence of crimes, civil rights and Discrimination against both companies, Great Call and Best Buy.

Do not fear these people if you have information or evidence let me know barnesscott@hotmail.com they and there Lawyers will not be allowed to make threats or cover up the Crimes within Great Call or Best Buy, I'm going to state court within the statue of limitations. Let the battle start,

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Medical Alert System.

Store Location: San Luis Obispo, California

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It's statute.


Great Call and its Parent Company Best Buy have been selling a known defective device called Great Call Lively Mobile Plus, the device is Killing people, injuring people like myself a disabled Veteran. They have after many suits and complaints recalled the device again using false pretenses and unconstrained fake ads and reviews.

DO NOT buy any Great Call Devices as they are selling them under false pretenses and defrauding the elderly, public and now share holders are not being told the truth. If you own BBY shares sell them, if your a Veteran Victim like me contact me for what is going on as we have a new legal tacit to hold them accountable.

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