The online activation is extremely convoluted and ends up NOT working. You are told to call an 800 number to complete the activation.

The quick start instructions say NOT to turn on the phone until instructed to. Then the online activation fails and you are told to call the 800 number to complete the activation. 10 minutes later when you finally get a human, they then tell you to plug in the charger which begins charging the phone. They then tell you to shut the phone off and turn it back on and 15 or 20 minutes later, it is supposedly ready to use.

I have not yet actually given it to my sister who has Alzheimer's and dementia since she had long since fallen asleep. Oh and by the way there is an online activation fee of $25.00 with at tax of $2.57 that is not mentioned in there advertising or any where else. The rep says they are "required" to charge an activation fee and the state requires the tax. Interestingly enough, there was NO activation fee on the no contract phone that was our first choice for my sister.

She ended up dropping it a bowl of water and she never did understand how to use all the features including the contact list.

She just had a little crib sheet of numbers that she used to call people that she wanted to contact. So hopefully the much vaulted Jitterbug phone will work out better - otherwise I am beginning to wish I had just had her buy another Verizon No Contract phone of $15 or $20 instead of the $100 Jitterbug phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Cell Phone Activation.

Reason of review: Does not appear to be as advertised..

Monetary Loss: $28.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

GreatCall Cons: No full disclosure of true costs, Sales people do not know product.

Location: Frazier Park, California

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I am about ready to return this phone,I have tried for 3 days to register this stupid phone.


My mother-in-law has the $14.99 plan. After taxes and fees the cost is almost $25.00....shame,shame. I have a $10.00 pageplus plan which is $12.00 after tax...no fees with double minutes and text.


Excellent review. But it's sad business in America has to be so rotten.


The Great Call Mobile Lively is being recalled as defective and not working so they sent me a Jitter Bug it too does NOT work what a worthless company. Best Buy and Great Call should step to the plate and tell the public all the facts and truth no more cover ups


This so called emergency Medical help device is nothing but a lying cheating scam on the elderly, mine never did work, i get bills each month for an item i sent back. I hope this get sued for the fraud and lies they pulled on the elderly and sick.


I am having the same experience today, but the activation fee has increased to $35 Nothing has improved


Happy, Happy! Good experience, the online activation was not difficult.

Could make a couple of changes and streamline and improvements could help. Overall a good experience, would recommend for any Senior Citizen.


I thought it was hassle-free ? I am 82 yrs old & didnt really want to go through a bunch of *** just to get avtvated...Please tell me if there is an easier activation method ? If not...I will return the damn thing.thankyou


I totally agree, when I was on the phone with them, she was telling me of all the additional charges. After I charged the phone and turned it on I had a message that the phone was bad to go to a web site, and the phone will not stay on.

The rep I spoke with could not explain any of this. She said it might get better after activation.


Cellular Plans read like a Chineese Menu.with no egg roll or soup included....LOL


I have had this Jitterbug Flip for 2 days and am stressed out trying to make it work. I am very concerned that I won't be charged again until Jan.

1. I have asked for my monthly fee and been told $32.99 but I wonder if there are going to be addons for uses we don't know about now. Will we be charged extra for using the Star button? Yesterday my daughter was looking at the phone and pressed the Star inadvertently.

My landline phone rang.

How is that helpful to me if I fall in my garage, am out walking and turn my ankle, am driving and have a flat tire. I am very concerned about using this phone for the next 3 1/2 months without knowing what my bill will be in January


I have been trying to get my Jitterbug phone activated for days now and it just doesn't work. I am going to take it back and get my money back as it is just an impossible system to set up unless you are a computer genius.

I originally ordered a smart phone but it didn't work either so I sent it back and have not yet received a new one.

So because I didn't have any way to phone anyone I picked up the Jitterbug from Walmart and can't get it to work either. So I simply don't have a phone so I think I will go to Verizon and get a phone now as I am 85 and need to have a working phone and you sure can't get that with Great Calls.


VERRY, DISAPOINTED IN ALL Information given on The phone to resolve problems.I sent it back and was charged Overages on data... I think it's all a scam

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