Bought my dad a Greatcall Jitterbug phone. Went on line to activate it and was told if I wanted to keep his number I would have to call their sales dept.

I did and was told the number could not be ported and that I needed to contact our current cell provider. I called them and they said it was definitely able to be ported and if there was an issue to have Greatcall contact them. I called Greatcall back and was put on hold the minute I told them what I needed. They didn't even get the number I was trying to port before they hit the hold button.

After 27 minutes of being on hold I gave up because I realized that it was now their closing time. It's unbelievable to me that a company that advertises customer service and working with the elderly would put someone on hold and close for the evening!!!

I had everything entered on line and was ready to hit the button once I found out about keeping his current number. NOW, I'm wondering if I can take it back and deal with another company that actually does have a phone for the elderly and customer service!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Jitterbug Cell Phone Activation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Extreme effort to get answers and received none. .


I would like to know what in the world are you people doing? You told me I would be getting my phone bill and I still didn't get it.

How am I suppose to send in a check if I do not have my statement.

Please send it to my address as soon as you can. Roseann Sampson


Please cancel my Acct# 2753576, 'phone # 424-443-1055There is nothing wrong, I just never use my Jitterbug 'phone, I don't need it anymore.ThanksDaria Budgyk310-821-84272107 Ocean Ave., Apt. 514Santa Monica Ca 90405

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