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I bought a jitterbug and tried to activate it via the web site. I kept getting error messages (could not locate the page).

So I tried calling customer service. I was on hold for ten minutes and hung up. Tried the next day and reached a nice person who tried to up-sell me products and started the activation process. I realized after I hung up that I had not received a phone number.

So I called back and no one answered. The phone just rang. I tried all the affiliated numbers I could find on the various web sites and no one ever answered any of the phone numbers. What kind of phone company does not answer the phone?

If I can ever reach anyone at Jitterbug or Great Call, I will cancel my service. I don't trust them.

Reason of review: phone numbers and web site do not work.

GreatCall Pros: Julie was personable.

GreatCall Cons: Cannot reach anyone at the company.

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

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One week and I got rid of this NEW FLIP PHONE. Never had as much aggravating irritating time in my life.

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