We wanted to upgrade from the Jitterbug 5. We tried THREE flip phones, and none would ring on incoming calls. All of the other features of the flip phone worked perfectly: outgoing calls, voice mail, voice mail retrieval. The only failure was that the phone DID NOT RING on incoming calls.

We returned all the flip phones to Great Call. Then, we went online at bought a Jitterbug 5 (which we had previously owned) and activated it. All functions of the "old" Jitterbug 5 worked perfectly, just like the one we had given up to recycling. IMO, the flip phone is a Beta and in not ready for prime time. BTW, the Jitterbug 5 is not for sale from Great Call, so if you need to buy one get online quickly before all the "remainder"

s are gone from Amazon, etc.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Cell Phone Upgrade.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

GreatCall Pros: Tech support.

GreatCall Cons: Quality of phone reception.

Location: Desoto, Texas

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Same experience with my neighbor's new phone.


I just bought the jitterbug phone on 12/5/19 and read the quick start book and still can't get the phone to ring. This is very frustrating and annoying.

This was a gift to my mom.

So disappointed. By word of mouth I'm not going to give this phone any high marks or give it as a recommended gift.


My friend is having this same issue with his phone, also from Greatcall. They assure me that it is, in fact, ONLY HIS phone that does this.

Thus it is an issue with HIS PHONE only, and not a known software or hardware issue. He is now on the 4th phone, all of the previous ones having the EXACT same issue as this, in ONE YEAR....

But, it is ONLY his phone, remember... So obviously there is a lack of knowledge on GREATCALL and JITTERBUG's parts, as far as the issue, and a lack of concern that there are OTHERS having the same issue occur.........


How did you activate the 5 ? Great Call told me they will not do it even if I find a phone. Having the same issues with phone not ringing?


Thinking of getting a Jitterbug for my elderly dad but can only get the new flip version. Do you think the Jitterbug 5 is just a better overall quality phone? The old jitterbugs were Samsung, the new one is made by Alcatel--it's certainly not as well known.

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