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Yes, jitterbug charges you extra, even when you cancel service.

I got the phone for my 70 year old wife who has Alzheimer's and was being paid from her checking account.

My wife lost her cell phone and I thought she had cancelled service like she said.

On February, I received a call that my wife's credit card was not able to pay for service, I called and instructed them that my wife had lost her phone over a year ago and I wanted to cancel the service and pay the bill. The person took the number and charged the card for the past due bill and was supposed to cancel the service. She did not cancel and did not put notes into the computer. I have been charged for the past 5 months and only found out because they called to let me know the card didn't function again.

When told that the service was cancelled already, I was told that they would cancel but I had to pay for the month of July because it had already passed 8 days since the monthly statement.

They also refused to refund the 5 months since I cancelled my service. When I asked the supervisor what agency I was able to complain to, she stated that she did not have to tell me where to call to complain and hung up.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Next time file a complaint with your credit card company!

The State Dept of Consumer Affairs may be able to help.

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