Springfield, Massachusetts
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12/19/2018 Their 30-day return policy does not turn out the way they promise. It is not a full refund at all.

I didn’t mind paying for shipping and restocking, but other than that they SHOULD do what they say they are going to do. Well, they don’t. There are hidden fees that cannot be explained. They say they will call back but they don’t call back.

They talk over you. They don’t listen. They get off the phone as soon as they can and say, “Thank you for using Great Call” as they are hanging up. I think there is a lot of room for them to take advantage of vulnerable elderly people.

They are scammers. They can’t or won’t tell me how much money they are witholding from my refund. It should be cut and dry, but it gets very vague once you try to get a refund. The sales people don’t tell you the truth about how much you’ll be out if you return the phone.

The guy who sold me the phone said I’d be out $10, that was it. Now they say I might be out around $143. The entire charge was $169.32. Not exactly a full refund.

I tried the phone for five days and returned it it perfect shape. How is that fair or right?

I would avoid Great Call/Jitterbug. They have become scammers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greatcall Cell Phone.

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